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Common Questions

Get a library card or access our catalog

Interested in getting a library card? We can help. First, make sure you don’t already have a library card in the Northern Waters Library Network. Check HERE.

If you do not have a card from any of the libraries in NWLN, fill out the Library Card Registration Form. This form plus an ID is all that is required to get a library card.

Already have a library card? Check your due dates, keep track of your reading history, & put items on hold HERE.

Copy, fax, scan, or print via email 

We have a printer that can copy, fax, scan, & print. We have staff that can help with those needs. We can help you print from a flash drive. For emailed print jobs, send attachment plus directions (how many, pickup time, etc.) HERE and we will email you back when we receive it.

Copying, faxing, scanning, & printing is free will donation. We appreciate this donation as it helps offset the cost of our printer contract and ink.

Print from Your Device with Princh or Via Email

We have Princh, a wireless printing option that allows patrons to print from their own devices.

You will need to know our Printer ID: 103531.
If you have an Android or IOS device, find the Princh app in your app store.

If you are printing from a laptop or desktop, start HERE.

Princh printing at Spooner Memorial Library is also free will donation. If you would like to make a donation with a credit card or PayPal account, you may do so when you submit your print job.

If you would rather donate cash or choose to not donate at all, select “pay at front desk.”

Once you submit a print job, please email spoonerlibrarypatrons@gmail.com and let us know.

If you would rather forward your print job to us via email, please send your document to spoonerlibrarypatrons@gmail.com with instructions (number of copies, etc.).


InterLibrary loan request 

We have the ability to request items from outside of the Merlin Consortium (for example, from Madison).

If you cannot find the item in our catalog, then you can submit an ILL request. Our ILL Specialist will search for the item and order it through WISCAT for you. Please use the ILL Request Form.

Wifi and computer access

We have free Wifi that reaches outside of the library. Search for publiclibrary (no password). Our Wifi is on 24/7.

We also have public computers you can use with or without a library card. From these computers you can print, use your email, browse the internet, or create documents.

Join our team 

We are not hiring at the moment, however you may complete an application at any time to be considered for future positions. Positions will be posted on our website, on Facebook, and on our door.

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