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Spooner Memorial Library | Schematic Design by Marco Vincent | SEH Inc. | 2.15.2024

The Spooner Memorial Library is pursuing a building renovation and expansion project, supported by their strong 109-year history

Since 1915, the building on the corner of High and Walnut Street has had a rich history; it has transformed from schoolhouse to basement to house, and finally, in 1962, a library.

In 1997, 2,000 square feet was added to help accommodate the community’s needs which is where it stands today – a 5,500 square foot library that is bursting at the seams. So much so that since the last renovation, the library has seen a 91% increase in visitors, a 265% increase in program attendance and a 378% increase in the number of programs.

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Spooner Memorial Library | Schematic Design by Marco Vincent | SEH Inc. | 2.15.2024

Supporting the Community’s Growing Need

As of today, two space needs assessments have been completed and both suggest that the library should be at least 20,000 to 22,000 square feet (compared to the current 5,500 square feet) in order to meet the library’s and the community’s current and future requirements.

Following the assessment results, a feasibility study was conducted by Short Elliot Hendrickson Inc (SEH) to research the feasibility of keeping the library in its current location, with an addition. The results of that assessment concluded that staying in the existing location and expanding would be the community’s best choice. It’s a central location for the city and within walking distance for many community members.

SEH then created a new library layout that includes:

  • Building a basement and upstairs floor, above and below the current children’s wing stands, while also expanding the north side 10 feet from the sidewalk.
  • The second level would house meeting rooms, a maker space, seating area and program space.
  • The basement would be for storage and the mechanical room. It would also be insulated for future expansion.
  • Adding an elevator for accessibility, making it easier to transport items and provide better wheelchair and stroller access.
  • The main floor will be dedicated to material space, seating areas, small study rooms, a used book room, children’s play space, teen space, a lounge, and staff space.

The total expansion is projected to cost $11M, with a private fundraising goal of $6.7M.

The breakdown of costs include:

$5,073,750: Main floor and second floor building addition

$1,933,125: Basement building addition

$705,250: Existing building remodel

$200,000: Site work, landscaping, and utilities

$791,213: Inflation

$870,334: Design contingency

$770,000: Fixtures, furniture, and equipment

$670,000: Engineering fees

$11,013,672: Total

Gearing up for a Capital Campaign

The Campaign Readiness Study Report will be available mid-July. At the conclusion of the Campaign Readiness Study, next steps for a Capital Campaign will be determined.

How You Can Support the Project


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