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The last bookmobile in Washburn County was in late 1999 when Northern Waters Library Service Traveling Library ended. The Multi-County Library Bookmobile served 63 communities in northwestern Wisconsin at that time. Despite grassroots efforts to continue the bookmobile and sentiments from patrons who believed this service was more than just a mobile library, after 40 years of service, the days of the bookmobile were over. Or, were they?

Twenty three years later, thanks to DPI’s (Department of Instruction) Library as a Center for Community Resiliency Grant, your library will once again have wheels! A 2021 Cargo Van (shipped from Florida), has now been transformed into Bibliodragon Books & Bread Bookmobile and will be on the road this Spring!

Bibliodragon will travel across rural Washburn County, making monthly stops at the following townhalls: Crystal, Trego, Evergreen, Chicog, Brooklyn, Gull Lake, Stone Lake, Bass Lake, Springbrook, Madge, Long Lake, and Springbrook. The townhall stops will take place the 1st and 2nd week of each month. During the 3rd week, Bibliodragon will visit nursing homes, daycares, and other local organizations. The 4th week will include Books & Bread, a partnership with Feed My People, Community First Washburn County, and Shell Lake Public Library that provides food resources to the community.

The interior of Bibliodragon is currently being upgraded with liners to keep out cold and heat, rigid flooring for safety, a makeshift desk for checkouts, and electric upgrades. A ramp, running boards, and steps are being installed to make the bookmobile accessible. As soon as the specialty shelves are installed, recently cataloged books will be added. Josh Saunders (Attention to Detail) and Dan Manning (Eminent Sales & Services) are upgrading the bookmobile at very little cost to the Library.

We are beyond thankful to DPI, Washburn County, Josh, and Dan for making it possible for Spooner Memorial Library to “bring the library to the people.”

Follow Bibliodragon progress and routes at www.spoonerlibrary.org/bookmobile.