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After a full year of diligently looking for the perfect location for our new library, the Board, Director, and City are hopeful that they have found it in the old clinic building (a portion of the Spooner Business Center).

This location is on the mostly residential side of River Street, is only a few blocks from the school, and is attached to assisted living, the nursing home, a daycare, and Lakeland Family Resource Center.

There is green space galore, a parking lot, an elevator and a ramp, and over 20,000 square feet split between two floors.

There are many steps remaining to determine if this site is feasible and affordable. Despite the uncertainty, we wanted to share our prospect because many have asked about our progress.

The next steps include: Have SEH (our architect) draft an estimate cost to remodel, meet with the City of Spooner Finance Committee and City Counsel to get approval for GAP financing, get an appraisal of the facility, and then (if we get this far in the process) negotiate the cost of the facility with the owner.